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“An Online Course unlike any other!”

Learn urban sketching with this unique online course, developed with renowned urban sketcher and tutor, Ian Fennelly! It will take you to Bavaria where you join a group of 12 other students and learn along with them!

The course is filmed on location in Bavaria / Germany! It's called “Every building tells a Story” and takes you step-by-step from blank page to finished artwork. The video tutorials are suitable for beginners through to advanced level and are packed with bonus material and live critique sessions for students on location! So you will sketch with a group of friends but learn at your own pace! 

What do I learn?

  1. You are getting 3 hrs of life video Material which enables you to follow Ians sketching process step by step at your own pace, on location in Nuremberg / Bavaria. Ian will explain his sketching process in every detail necessary suitable for beginners as well as runaways.
  2. During the entire Workshop you can observe other students creating their pieces and follow Ians critique sessions with them. Thus you will benefit from their learnings as well!
  3. As the course was filmed live ‘on location’ in Bavaria rather than in a studio you will learn how to work outdoors, how to find and frame ‘your’ motive in the often confusing environment of a busy town. And also you’ll get a snapshot of beautiful Nuremberg, Bavaria’s second biggest town.


About Ian

Ian Fenelly is a British artist and art teacher who became world famous for his unique style of urban sketching, which he has developed over the years. He often sketches on location, capturing the essence of a city or town with his lively and detailed drawings. His sketches are characterized by their loose, energetic style and the way they convey a sense of movement and life.

Fennelly was born in 1963 in the town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire. He studied at the Barnsley College of Art and Design and later at the Sheffield Hallam University, where he obtained his degree in Graphic Design.

Fennelly has exhibited his work in numerous solo and group shows in the UK, Europe, and the United States. He has also worked as an art teacher, conducting workshops and giving lectures. In addition to his work as an artist and teacher, Fennelly has also authored several books on urban sketching, including "City Sketcher: A Guide to Sketching Techniques and Tips" and "Urban Sketching Handbook: Reportage and Documentary Drawing."

Trailer for the course:

What’s included in this course?

  • More than 2 Hours of Video Material
  • Lifetime Access
  • List of Supplies needed
  • Reference Pictures in High Res
  • Bonus: Pre Sketch Process
  • Bonus: How to find the perfect spot on location
  • Bonus: Sketchbook walk with Ian (Prague!)
  • Bonus: free access to exclusive facebook group with Ian

Material List and Image Template for the course

       Material List as an PDF

       Image Template as an PDF



The lessons

Introduction and material

This part includes an in depth review of the art supplies Ian will be using. Also Ian will outline the course structure and will give you an idea of the timetable for this class


In this chapter Ian will talk about the value of  pre-sketches and the process behind them. Also he will explain how he boils down a very busy place to a perfect motive.

Layers of looking

Ian will take you through his unique 5 step approach all the way from composition right to the final sketch! He will explain every single step he takes in real time.

Live critique session

After every step the class takes, there will be live critique sessions with the students on location. So if you want you can take a break and learn from Ian’s comments on your ‘classmates’ work! Very beneficial as they might have the same questions as you.

Finishing touches and wrap up

Ian will wrap up the class by talking about the value of detail and storytelling. Also he will inspire you to find and build your individual voice and style as a sketcher.



How to Enroll

The video course is hosted on Vimeo. After checkout you will be redirected to Vimeo. If you don't have a Vimeo account yet, you can set one up for free. After that you pay via Credit Card or PayPal. That's it! - Access your course at any time via your Vimeo account.

Online Stream

Platform: Vimeo
Access: Unlimited

The cheapest solution! Simply pay via PayPal and access your video at any time. Perfect 4k quality via the renowned VIMEO platform.

Order Part 1 on Vimeo:


Medium: DVD
Access: Unlimited

For all traditionalists among our customers, we even offer to send a video DVD by post. DVDs will be shipped mid April 2023!

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