"Hello and welcome to Bamberg!"

This is episode 2 of a series of 3 video tutorials, produced on location in Bavaria, Germany! It’s called “The importance of Context” for a reason! Because where as in episode one there wasn’t a lot of context to be captured – (in fact we were just looking at a simple group of three ancient houses). In THIS episode now, there will be loads of context!

THIS Episode is purposefully made to be for those

  • who feel reasonably familiar with Ian’s general technique and now want to
  • take on a more complicated subject
  • see what really matters in Urban Sketching
  • learn how to find the perfect motive
  • learn how to reduce the complexity of a scene
  • and more generally want to learn how Ian is seeing the world.

About Ian

Ian Fennelly is a British artist and art teacher who has became world-famous for the unique style of urban sketching he has developed over the years. He often sketches on location, capturing the essence of a city or town with his lively and detailed drawings. His sketches are characterized by their loose, energetic style and the way they convey a sense of movement and vibrancy.

Fennelly was born in 1963 in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. He studied at the Barnsley College of Art and Design and later at the Sheffield Hallam University, where he obtained his degree in Graphic Design.

Fennelly has exhibited his work in numerous solo and group shows in the UK, Europe, and the United States. He has also worked as an art teacher, conducting workshops and giving lectures. In addition to his work as an artist and teacher, Fennelly has also authored several books on urban sketching, including "Finding your inspiration" and "Layers of Looking."

Trailer for the course:

What's included in this course?

More than 2 hours of Video material

Lifetime access

List of supplies needed

Reference images in high res

+ Bonus: Free access to exclusive Facebook group with Ian


Introduction and material

This part includes an in-depth review of the art supplies Ian will be using. Ian also outlines the context for today's course and how it's structured.


In these chapters, Ian shows you the subject for this course but also which subjects he will NOT paint and why! Furthermore he explains how the Context is important for his pre-sketch and composition, like framing the picture with greens.

Layers of looking

In each step Ian will have the Context in mind: Why is the Water important, what about the Greens surrounding the Subject or the two supporting structures in form of bridges.

Live feedback sessions

Each step the class completes is followed by a live feedback session with the students on location. Feel free to take a break and benefit from Ian’s comments on your "classmates" work! An extremely helpful step, as you may have the same questions as they do.

Finishing touches and wrap-up

Ian wraps up the class by talking about how the story is provided through the context you are in. He also gives a brief summary of what you have learned today and offers the possibilities of sketching together.

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Material list and image template for the course

Material list as a PDF

Image template as a PDF

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