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    Have you ever wanted to visit scenic and idyllic, almost dreamy landscapes? Do you like the thought of freeing your mind in a breath-taking countryside amidst beautiful mountains and surrounding wooded hills and valleys? And not only mountains but also lakes and coasts just in front of your door? Well – visiting Wales sounds like a perfect plan then.

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    When thinking of Greek islands, you probably have places like Rhodes, Crete, Santorin, Mykonos…you name it, in mind. But have you heard of Euboea? It is actually the second largest Greek island next to Crete, but not as popular at all – which makes it a real insider tip for travelling! And Eleonas Hotel is just a perfect accommodation for a perfect relaxation holiday.

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    A Museum is, undeniably, a place of art. But there is not only art hanging on the walls or situated in the middle of a room – the art is literally everywhere, it is just a question of thorough observation.

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    Have you ever looked at a painting and wanted to be part of it? Look at the starry night sky next to Van Gogh, or admire the beauty of the flourishing colourfulness in Monet’s garden as you stand on the local bridge? Prepare yourself for this might become real! Well, the process of “living in a painting” is yet to mature – but its beginnings are made.

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    Furry, bubbly news from the artistravel headoffice: Meet Mia! Mia conquered all of those presents’ and bumbled into their hearts in no time at all, and if you look at the pictures you will know, why.By trying to capture such a sunny creature, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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    Umbria is definitely a region rich in treasures to discover, with a wide range of proposals: from nature trails to historical-artistic ones, up to food and wine – its atmosphere makes you feel like being in a fairy tale. And talking of unique, dreamy and exquisite places: Castello di Baccaresca will make you feel exactly like that.

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    Looking for tips to improve your art? In this monthly installment, we've collected tips and tricks that we think you'll find helpful.

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    News from our artistravel YouTube channel: Another English tutorial just got uploaded! Ever wanted to know how to paint forests in watercolour? Go watch our tutorial!

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    Is the girl on the canvas turning towards or away from you? Is she Vermeer’s daughter? His lover? Was it a commissioned work? No one knows for sure and no one can agree. She is the mysterious subject of Dutch master Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring.

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    Interested in a wonderful destination for a painting holiday in South-West France? Find an extraordinary warm welcome in a beautiful Retreat in here.